About Us

CWATAR INC. Incorporated not-for-profit organisation, committed to providing top surfing events supporting a healthy lifestyle. Funds raised at the AGNES WATER LONGBOARD CLASSIC (A.W.L.C.) events will be structured to support youth development programs and giving back to the local community, with a clear vision to expand the competitor base; Internationally, around Australia, neighbouring regional competitors and the locals across the Discovery Coast Region while creating awareness of idyllic Agnes Water and the Discovery Coast Region.

Paul White is the Contest Director of all 4 events and is the President of CWATAR INC.  Feedback is welcomed via text to Whitey on 0403 428 829 or email him surfwhitey@hotmail.com.

Previously run by the committee and beach crew members of the TIDE N TURN Boardriders Club of Agnes Water. CWATAR INC. is formed by members of the Tide N Turn Board Riders Club that have been Executive Committee members and beach crew members. The event is previously known as Agnes Water REEF 2 BEACH Longboard Classic has been Re-branded; The Agnes Water Longboard Classic (A.W.L.C.)

The CWATAR INC Team will be running the future years of the Agnes Water Longboard Classic (A.W.L.C.)

CWATAR INC Plan; is to closely follow after the 2020 Annual Noosa Festival of Surfing (NFS) (Saturday 22nd February to Sunday 1st March 2020) to attract those International, Inter-State and neighbouring regional competitors that will be competing at NFS.

2020 CWATAR INC will be conducting (3) three LONGBOARD SURFING EVENTS in one week of surfing competitions @ Agnes Water main beach or @ The Point.

SCHEDULE of 4 events.

Event No. 1 NEW – The Pro Logger; (PENDING SPONSORSHIP) Proposed Meet & Greet Monday evening 2nd March, competition starts Tuesday 3rd & completed with presentation on Wednesday 4th March.

Event No.2 Annual 22ND North of Fraser Island (NOF) Meet & Greet evening Wednesday 4th March competition starts Thursday 5th March. All NOF heats, rep-rounds and semi-finals will be held on Thursday. Please note that for the Open NOF division, we will be introducing Rep Rounds which gives every surfer who doesn’t advance, a second chance.  We will do the same for the NOF O/50’s depending on numbers. Heats and semi’s for these divisions, plus all the NOF division finals will be held on Friday.

Event No.3 Annual 22ND AGNES WATER LONGBOARD CLASSIC (A.W.L.C.); Novelty divisions Meet & Greet is Wednesday evening 4th March, competition starts Friday 6th March. Age divisions Meet & Greet is Friday 6th March, competition starts Saturday 7th March with Finals on Sunday 8th March. Saturday will include the Women’s, Open 9ft and all age divisions (Juniors, O/40’s, O/50’s, O/60’s). As per previous years, we will hold all division finals on Sunday (except for NOF divisions).

OPEN 9ft Men’s & Women’s’ divisions; Total prize $500 each division (1st place ONLY PAID. NOTE: there are no 2nd or 3rd place prize monies).

Open 8ft division; Prizes (1st place, 2nd place, for 3rd and 4th places).

RETRO division (Pre 1980 boards – single fin only) Prizes (1st place, 2nd place, for 3rd and 4th places). RETRO is our ONLY short board division in the entire comp.

Event No.4 Shortboard and longboard; This fourth event will be held on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th May 2020 that will be part of the three weeks of the 1770 Festival.


Event No. 4. We will have additional prizes for combined result divisions. Event division prizes will be RETRO, OPEN 9ft Men and OPEN 9ft Women from Events No. 3. & No. 4. March and May 2020.